Welcome to Stonefish Spearguns. Why buy a speargun from the local shop and have the same gun as everyone else when you could get an individual one custom made?
     I use figured wood and distinctive staining to get a unique look.  Each hand crafted spearguns made individually in my small shop and no one is identical. My guns are laminated and surface protected with layers of uv inhibited epoxy. They are also ballasted and balanced to float neutral. Woodgrain is variable from gun to gun so I will post several pictures of each gun as they become available to purchase or you can contact me with any questions about custom builds. I am also making custom hardware (handle frames, line anchors) that you can add to an existing gun or a new build.
     I use only pay-pal only for now. Please contact me with any questions at


Teak spear plugs protect your spear and you during transport.
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